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The Grinberg Management Difference

24/7 video recording
Some of our properties now feature 24/7 video recording.  All common areas and outside spaces are monitored using high quality, hardwired video equipment. Motion is recorder around the clock and transmitted to our office for monitoring and review.

Having access to a video record of events allows us to provide our tenants with an added level of security and piece of mind. We also use our ability to view live video and recorded footage to monitor our vendors performance. Access to this technology allows us the ability to make sure that repair people are arriving on schedule, property cleanliness is being maintained and unreported maintenance issues are being identified and addressed.
24/7 emergency service

All Grinberg Management tenants have access to our 24/7 hot line (718.414.6984). Tenant calls are dispatched to approved vendors and our very  own maintenance staff who are equipped and ready to handle emergencies at anytime. Timely repair and response ensures not only a higher quality of life for our tenants, but is also fiscally responsible. Rapid response to complaints allows us to stop small problems from becoming bigger ones.

Expect more

All of our properties are renovated from the frame up. When asked Grinberg Management tenants will all agree that our properties are renovated well above the market standard for affordable housing or otherwise. We use high quality materials such as porcelain tiles, solid wood kitchen cabinets and natural hardwood floors. Our  selected building materials aren't just used for their beauty, but rather are selected for their proven durability. Additionally, we have found that our properties tend to attract better tenants, tenants who wont settle for less and appreciate the hard work and effort we put into the design and construction of every unit.

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